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Oh, God.. Oh, God..

Topic started by Kathir (@ on Sun Jun 20 14:42:12 EDT 2004.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.

Some of the goings on in this forum were really upsetting. I wasn't following it closely and yet feel there is something severely wrong. I request everyone of you.. especially, the youngsters to have patience to read this:

In India, there were days when every cinema theatre played National Anthem at the end of every show. When a portion of audience started walking out without having patience to wait until it was finished.. Government of India chose the easy way out.. the practice of playing national anthem in theaters was stopped. When school syllabus became bulkier, the importance to moral education session was stopped. In the end, we seem to be losing our patriotism and the feeling of oneness. I heard that, India was divided into 400 provinces before Valbbhai Patel united them to seek independence as a single entity.

Today, we are all easily getting divided by every kind of identity.. regions, religions, languages and what not.. In the end, will we all go back to the 400? Have we all exhausted all our tolerances?

I recall a Tamil poem I wrote some months ago.. here's its not-so-good translation. it exemplifies our sad state today.

Oh God

Here and there hang
a hundred curtains..
colorful or grey.
Borders like wrinkles
run criss-cross on
our tiny fields..
walls of all kinds
surround every thing..
barriers made of
wood, stones and
barbed wires..
fences too in
steel or green..
people lay divided
inside and out..
do not laugh, Oh God..
they can\t be blamed.
for aren't YOU the one
who shaped every heart
into chambers of four?

, ק !

Ӽɡ, ȡ..

째 ,

Ȣ ,
¡, ..

Ģ, ..

ġŢ է,

ġ ɢ,
Ǣ¢ ..

â측, ק!

ȸ â
â츢 ?


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