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Topic started by Raayan S. SivaShankar (@ on Tue Nov 25 02:55:38 EST 2003.
All times in EST +10:30 for IST.


Day thirteen, Gourava troops advanced in lotus struct
Dronacharya chief commander determined to destroy Pandavas
Dread was distributed among Pandavas at Kuruchetram
Promised his big father to pound Gouravaís powerful plot
Lotus face of him was from Arjuna mighty Pandava
Who was not at that battlefield on that particular day
Abhimanyu stood before his big father Yudhishtra Pandavaís eldest
Lotus war frame was a filthy designed struct that engulfed enemies
Every minute thousands of Pandavas were dying, fatal atmosphere
Yudhistra encouraged the lad now, assured that warlords will follow
Abhimanyu who knew the art of piercing lotus frame did it instantly
A massive attempt which protected Pandavas in Kuruchetram
Like a blue whale accelerating in oceanís surface suppressing rest
Gouvarava soldiers were shattered and a way was created
Fate blew a strong wind as Abhimanyu charged inside
None of the Pandavas couldnít follow him and enter the interior
Abhimanyu now stood like a trapped Tiger surrounded by fire
Battlefield never saw such summit of chivalry
Dhronacharya Karna Kripacharya Kritharvama Aswhathama Duryodhana
Gourava commanders had heart attack and felt epilepsy in their life
Sure was a doomís day and nothing could stop Abhimanyu
Duryodhana abused Dhronacharya for his uselessness
Injustice war was now put forward for preserving Gouravas
Six beaten commanders became Savages
One broke the bow from behind, when Abhimanyu turned
Other murdered the two charioteers and horses
Unlawful deeds at those days yet done without shame by older ones
Abhimanyu pounced from chariot with his Sword and Shield
Which rolled few more enemies towards hell and Again
Unruly hooligans continued to hit Abhimanyu from behind
Ruby oozing throughout body but eyes were glittering like Diamond
While wheel from chariot was the last weapon used for resistance
A sight, which canít be even imagined for it, was binary of bravery
Protector Sri Krishna with Arjuna who was in another brawl closed his eyes
Abhimanyuís soul surrendered him with smiles serenely
A thunderbolt who was just sixteen
A thunderbolt that still bangs in this land
A thunderbolt which canít be contained
A thunderbolt adored for its peak of attempt
A thunderbolt dwelling inside every patriot

-Raayan S. Sivashankar


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