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Topic started by S.SIVASHANKAR (@ on Tue Nov 25 02:32:02 EST 2003.
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Prince of a jungle quite nearby Hasthinapuram city
Archery was his passion and he was a born hunter
Bowed before Guru of Gurvamsh the martial lord
Seeking student requesting admission in Gurukulam
Dhronacharya who was teaching emperors clans only
Nodded No, retuned the craving youngster to jungle
Backed home, but not from ambitious arch
God of Guruís existing without Gurus Guided
Idol of Dhronacharya was carved and worshipped
Everyday dedicated practise before it started with prayers
Devotional approach of a crystal clear cult confidently
Spontaneous development in mind filling desired answers
True flow of education took place quenching queries
Visibly Guru was not before him but occupied his soul
Trust which brought results to all trusted
Blessed and Brightened alike Arjuna Prince in Palace a mighty pandava
Places differed not the enthusiasm and sincerity with hope
A day everybody saw this powerful divine archer and astonished
Guru of Guruvamsh now charged a fee for his invisible service
Instantly was given by YEGALAIVAN with bliss
Only STUDENT immortal for this obidience and faith
Belief of a Guru granted in the state of absence
A master who refused to teach him or care him
Thumb that was cut still not forgotten on glorious and victorious moments
Every thumb raised reminds his arched ****ility and loyalty
Assuring the secret of success while respecting Guru always

Raayan S.SivaShankar


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