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and now for some WRITE STUFF........... and now for some WRITE STUFF...........

Topic started by destinys_cousin922 (@ on Wed Dec 1 08:21:14 EST 2004.
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alfred hitchock was once quoted as saying,"a good script maynot neccesarily transcend into a good film but a bad script wud definetely result in a bad film".this statement delineates the importance of a good script in the making of a good film.i guess a good script is often measured by the need of its existence in a films final print minus all those gimmicks that go into making that film.and judging by that yardstick here r my picks for the best screenplays that malayalam commercial cinema has witnessed....
1)thoovanathumbikal:i wont agree with anybody who argues that padmarajan's screenplays were flawless cos that wud be just a quixotic,comforting statement made in the praise of that gr8 soul.and just like his other screenplays this 1 too had its share of flaws.but the beauty of this screenplay is, when u see the film u almost completely insulate yourself from the inherent flaws that the story presented.every scene comes without any hush-hush and gets into your system that the simplicity of the screenplay takes u onto another level of imagination...
2)oru vadakkan veeragaatha:i believe this one wud have been a toughie for someone of the caliber of even mt.cos the scenes oscillated from being extra melodramatic to subtle,from being replete with innumerable characters to ones with a few people gracing a scene.and despite the wide swing, the writer achieves complete harmony by the narrative structure he adopts to tell the tale of the infamous chanthu..
3)bhootakannadi:lohi's most accomplished work to date.some scenes completely take your breath away for its sheer conceivement and screen execution.1 film that the students of cinema wud look back and gape at as to wot stopped this film from finding mass acceptance..
4)chintavishtayaya shyamala:the adjective that immediately comes to my mind is "smart".the scenes r so simple and yet go into so beautifully explaining the characters that u often wonder whether this film cud have been written by anyody other than sreeni."njaan ninne adikkilla kaaranam njaan ninne adichhal nee chilappam nannaayi pokum".i dont know if there is another person in india who cud write these lines....
5)manichitrathazhu:flaws galore but completely overlooked for its sheer narrative style and relentless build up towards a rivetting climax.the wonderful thing abt this screenplay is its attempts abt not getting technical abt schizoprenia and hence even a person not averse with the disease got hooked up into this great grandmother still thinks shobhana was possessed...and yet she loved every nanosecond of this one.
6)moonam pakkam:loved the way padmarajan handled the relationship between thilakan and jayaram's friends.loved the way the film builds up gleefully and then breaks your heart.a testimony to the statement that padmarajan seemed to make with each of his ventures,"i am a writer first"..
7)anubandham:cud be a surprise pick for many,but i liked the soap opera kinda feel that this film provided.mammo's slight poetic and lal's pragmatic character complemented each other beautifully..
8)sandesham:one of my fave coffee time movies."innu achanu nashtapedunnathu oru maram aanu kittan pokunnathu oru puthiya india-yum"...shud i say more??
9)yavanika:brought in a new style of narrative pattern never before seen in malayalam out for this one..
10)devasuram:dont think renjith will ever write anything like this ever again.often the screenwriting aspect of this film is overshadowed by lal's gr8 performance.also responsible for ringing in a new term in my dictionary of quirky phrases,"FEUDAL THEMMADI".
and your picks.......


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